The 8th Annual MRF Symposium, officially held in Vancouver was a success by many accounts. This years location was chosen with consideration of the 150 year celebration of Canada.

Combined with the 300 year anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England, attendance may have been effected as travelling brethren had to decide what event they would participate in. The Vancouver symposium garnered approximately 90 brethren which allowed for an extraordinary event with much insight and discussion as would be expected.

Topics discussed varied with much of the discussion focused on the current state of affairs within our fraternity in North America in today’s times. The insight of both Andrew Hammer (author of Observing the Craft) and Thomas Jackson (Executive Secretary, World Conference of Grand Lodges, Honorary Grand Master ad vitam, NGLR ; Honorary Director for MASONIC FORUM Magazine) provided attending brethren awareness of the challenges facing the craft in the 21st century.

Thomas Jackson provided insight into freemasonry as it looks in other parts of the world as well as North America. Andrew Hammer provided deep insight into Observant Lodges and the changes occurring within Freemasonry.

Guest Brethren from other lodges shared their experiences dealing with change and how their membership and relationship with their mother lodges are working in today’s masonic world.

For more on what the 8th Annual MRF Symposium  in Vancouver had to offer, see 8th Annual MRF Symposium hosted by the Dukes.

For those who could not attend, you can find out more about Thomas Jackson’s insights here, which is found on the Masonic Forum another good site with lots of contemporary masonic information.

Another valueable source of information can be found from this link on the Masonic Restoration Foundation site.