2 thoughts on “Dukes Regular Meeting

  1. Hello there my name is Steve E Corbett ,
    I am very interested in attending your meeting as I have been also interested in plugging into a community of like minded individuals.
    At your convenience please feel free to contact me at 778-888-9792

    Thank you .

    1. Greetings Steve,
      First off, apologies on the late response. We typically receive requests via our email address. As well, I was off getting married so the website has been neglected and needs a few updates.
      Steve are you a mason, or are you starting off on your journey to become one?
      As well, I am wondering if you can tell us a little something about yourself before we reach out to you by phone. Are you retired, employed, what brought you to our website etc.
      Finally, what would be the best days and times to give you a call?

      Kind Regards,


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